Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kisir Anyone?

Well I survived another cooking class last night. I was a last minute (well, actually Thursday) addition to the volunteer list and wasn't really looking forward to going. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ozlem Warren presented a beautiful class on Southern Turkish cuisine and stories of her homeland and traditions. She is a young gal, and very sweet, and brought a gift (bracelet or keychain) for every participant (including the volunteers) that she had her mother send from Istanbul. She also brought Turkish coffee pots (I bought one for hubby), books, cups, etc.

Here's what she served:
* Kisir (Spicy Bulghur Wheat Salad with Vegetables & Sour Pomegranate Syrup)
* Sigara Boregi (Crispy Cheese- & Herb-Filled Pastry Rolls)
* Kabak Mucveri & Sarimsakli Yogurt (Zucchini Fritters flavored with Dill & Garlic-Infused Yogurt)
* Hunkar Begendi (Sultan's Delight & Lamb Ragout with Tomatoes & Peppers on a Bed of Pureed Eggplant & Bechamel Sauce)
* Kunefe (Syrup-Soaked Cheese-Filled Shredded Phyllo with Pistachios)
* Turkish Coffee & Turkish Delight

The food was wonderful. The Lamb was outstanding. I got to make the Kunefe (as well as some prep on the other dishes). I guess my lack of geography made me think the food was going to be different. I was expecting a much heavier, more meat laden menu. Which I guess is more true of Northern Turkey.

Paul and Vance were the Central Market chefs on-hand. Vance was up to his usual antics like putting nutritional labels on my back and making "Vance" comments. Paul was cool and collected as usual, singing away.

It was a hectic night and my feet were aching by the time I got home. Plus after a cup of Turkish coffee, I couldn't get to sleep!

I am not scheduled for another class until mid July so I asked them to call me if they needed anyone for a class. I said I might go crazy if I had to wait that long to do a class. Paul said they didn't want that, they liked me "just borderline crazy" as is...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Blogger Squeak

Please welcome a new blogger Squeak. Although, I've never known her to be soft-spoken. My little sis has gone from being the younger, prettier, skinnier one, to also being the more eloquent blogger too...

Looking forward to her rants and experiences as she makes the move to Calgary!

On another note, had a session with Trainer Bill yesterday. His goal was to "activate my glutes". Let me tell you, they are active (under there somewhere).

Hope you had a good holiday weekend!

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Cooking School

There is a possibility that CM Cooking School may start taping shows for instructional DVDs and maybe TV spots. That would be so cool! I hope it works out for them. (Plus I better keep hitting the gym incase I ever get my 15 min. of fame).

I just love being there. Although I was a bit slack in the dish duty department last night (sorry volunteer Kelly), I enjoy every minute of it. Thanks yet again to Cindy, Vance (you nut), and Paul. I appreciate the opportunity and experience. And I'll play mediator to Cindy and Vance anytime! ;) Also, the new manager Kelly is awesome.

Looks like I'll be helping out with a "Turkish" class on Tuesday. Cindy asked me to help out. She said I was "kick ass"! Yeah for me. I'm sure I'll start annoying her before too long...

Chef Kathleen

Last night I worked at the Central Market Cooking School for the Kathleen Daeleman "Cooking Thin" class. She is probably most recognizable for her show on the Food Network "Cooking Thin". As far as the class went, what a great time! I'll admit I was a bit of a Chef Kathleen groupie after class. I can relate so well to her story and she's such a personable gal. I even got hugs before she left! What a doll. She has a wonderful talent for remembering names and details about those in her presence. Also, she doesn't just sign her name during her book signing. She writes a personal paragraph to each recipient.

Here was the menu for last night:

Peanut Butter Truffles; Salmon Cakes with Dipping Sauce; Fennel, Carrot & Cranberry Salad; Thai Beef Salad; and Bittersweet Chocolate Mousse. $65

I have three of her books. "Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen", ""Getting Thin and Loving Food", and "Chef Kathleen's Cooking Thin Daybook". She has a new show "Cooking Thin and Loving Food" starting on PBS on June 3rd. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pain, Pain, go away...

So I have been very good about going to the gym lately. I had my first session with Bill, my personal trainer, on Monday (I've been a little sore since) and meet with him again this evening. I did an interval heart rate workout yesterday that he gave me that was actually pretty fun (well okay, at least the time went quickly). I also have been following a nutritional and exercise plan on IShape. It has been going pretty well. I found out through some tests with Bill on Monday that my body age is much older than my actual age. Hopefully by losing some weights and gaining some flexibility I can bring it more in line.

Tomorrow I work a Central Market class with Kathleen Daelemans. She used to have a show on the Food Network called "Cooking Thin" and a few books out including "Getting Thin and Loving Food" (which I hope to have her sign tomorrow night). Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes.

On another note, today my grandmother is having surgery to remove a 2" lump on her breast that is cancerous. Please think of her today (and think Pink)...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Twins for Adele

My dear friend Adele (since we were 4) and her hubby Jonathan are expecting twins in November! I am so happy for her. What a great birthday surprise (her birthday is tomorrow). So Happy Birthday Adele. You're a nice bit of fluff! Love Ya. Hodel

Undomestic Goddess

Well, I put my son down for a nap yesterday and instead of cleaning up the house as planned, I sat out on the patio and read a book. I guess I was more into then I thought, because I'm a little sunburned today. But I did finish the book last night.

As you know from my previous posts, I am not a book reader, but I seem to be improving this year. However, no heavy content for me. I read another book by Sophie Kinsella (she is the author of the Confessions of a Shopoholic). It is titled "The Undomestic Goddess".

It was a light read. It almost lost me early in, but picked up again. What's not to love; lawyer turned housekeeper, English countryside, cooking, and raunchy romance with the gardener...

A good beach pick.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

David Bull & Staff

Last night I had the opportunity to work the David Bull "Texas Chefs, Great Wines" class at Central Market. David arrived with two of his staff Nathan and Monica from the Cafe at the Driskill. It seemed very hectic before class started but by the time we began things seemed to be in ordered. The class was full so it meant a lot of prep and dishes, but it was lots of fun too.

Here's what was served:

  • Cream of Porcini Mushroom Soup with 2004 Mon Coeur Cotes-du-Rhone
  • Baby Spinach Salad with Fried Oysters with 2003 Trimbach Pinot Blanc
  • Pan Broiled Lobster with Celery Root Puree, Watercress & Black Truffle Butter with Ross Marai Cuvee.

Chef Bull was wonderful. Such a charismatic, patient, fun guy. I really like his food and he does a great job of leading the class. His staff was great too. Nathan was such a joy to work with. He made sure I got to taste everything and was fun to talk to about food in general and his experiences (including those as a new dad).

Paul and Cindy were the best, as always. They always make sure I get to do some hands on stuff in the kitchen. Poor Cindy burned her hand before class started pretty good, so I hope that she is doing okay today.

Chef Bull brought a beautiful package with him for all the class (we had almost 40 people there) and a goodie bag of treats from the Cafe. The package included a recipe package, flavor profiling, guidelines to great cuisine, a review from the Statesman, and other information on the Driskill.

I am definitely looking forward to my next class with Chef Bull in July! Also, watch for him to take on Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America (to air in October). Also, I hear Bobby is in town this week...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well I am three for three on days getting to the gym this week. I even made it to spin class at 5:30 this morning despite a deer who tried to stop me (would have been a good excuse for me)... Thankfully I hit the brakes and he kept running so we just missed. Wouldn't have been a big deal in the Durango, but I was driving the Mazda today. Certainly woke me up in a hurry. Also I survived my first Spin class in over a year.

Well tonight I'm off to CM to help out with David Bull's class. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!

Ride of Silence

In addition to being national Livestrong Day it is also a day to honor those who have been injured or killed while cycling and to raise awareness that cyclists are here and to ask us all to share the road. There will be a slow ride of silence in various cities.

Remember cyclists have a legal ride to the roadways. Please be careful and courteous as a motor vehicle driver and as well be a responsible cyclist.

You can find a ride location at Ride of Silence...

I guess the motto of the day is to be thankful for those you have and remember those you don't. And be nice (yes, I will try too)!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Livestrong Day

Tomorrow is National Livestrong Day. Whether or not you are a fan of Lance Armstrong, you have to agree that the Lance Armstrong Foundation is a wonderful organization. You can also take part in a "blog against cancer" tomorrow.

I will be thinking of our dear friend Greg who is seeing a return of his cancer after years of being cancer free, and of my grandmother who will undergo surgery next week to remove a 2" cancerous lump from her breast, and of an aunt who is finishing up her radiation this week.

I will also make a point of having some funky moles checked at my doctor's visit on Monday...

So wear yellow tomorrow and remember those you have lost and rejoice in those that are survivors.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

As Long as we're talking addictions...

So I will confess that I am not much of a reader. However, I do have a serious problem with a magazine addiction.

Here are a few of my favs that I'm reading these days...
Olive, Delicious, Her Sports (no I'm not an athlete) , Runners World (no I'm not a runner, just a wanna be), Women's Health, Rowing News (I haven't rowed in years), Food & Wine (I'm a subscriber), Cooking Light (I'm a subscriber), Self, and Shape. I'm flipping thru my hubby's Bicycling Mag too. I also have been known to pick up an occasional Bon Appetite, Saveur, In Style, Weight Watchers, and whatever else peaks my interest.

Maybe my selections tell you (and me) something about the person I would like to be. Maybe it tells you that I need to find some friends and save some money and some trees! :)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Over the Top Bag Addiction

Who knew?!? Now I can combine my quest for healthy living with my handbag addiction! ;)

If shopping were half the battle...

If I only could lose weight shopping for clothes/gear for the gym, I would be so hot! Well, since that is not the case, I am a fat ass with a lot of cool gym wear that barely fits (and yes Mom, bags). However, there is something so calming with "Retail Therapy". Maybe perhaps I could find a job as a personal shopper... A girl on the radio here a week or two ago was saying she was moving to Tahoe to work for a sporting goods company. How fun would that be! I have visions of being the happy, healthy active family (me with cut arms, calves and no belly), who are always on the go to some excursion or sporting event.

Well, I have been behaving much better in the exercise/junk food front. Lots of room for improvement though. I packed breakfast and lunch today and already have tonight's healthy meal planned out. I also registered for the next round of swimming lessons in June. Still a few hours at work (found out their cutting my hours/paycheck to save money), and dealing with an annoying coworker, I am ready for a chocolate fix. But not today. I hit REI and bought a new bike jersey on clearance and skipped the chocolate (except in my Luna bar I had with some yogurt for lunch). Now I have to get up for that 5:30 am Spin Class on Wednesday. Wish me luck! What's the saying, "the world is paved with good intentions"? At least I'm doing my part...