Friday, February 02, 2007

I was tagged!

I was "tagged" by Carly tonight, so here are 5 weird things about me (that I will admit to):

1.) I hate everyone when I'm behind the wheel, but I can be very nice when I step out of the car.
2.) My close friends called me "Hodel" growing up and my sister called me "Lizard-Breath" (my middle name is Elizabeth).
3.) I'm convinced I sleep better when my house is in order.
4.) I'm like Monica from Friends (I like clean, but my closets are a mess, and I'm a wanna be Chef).
5.) My answer to not knowing what to have to eat is "toast"!

Hubby wouldn't help me with this, since he figured I would hold him against him. I'm sure others would say a lot "weirder" stuff.

Now, I'm tagging Sara because I know she'll be much better at this than I...