Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The New Gig

I know it's been awhile, but I thought I'd let you all know what I'm doing now. I'm working at Lifetime Fitness (my gym) in the Cafe as a Prep Chef/Supervisor. I have a reasonably regular schedule now. Besides making smoothies, sandwiches, and salads, I'm making chicken, aiolis, salsa, hummus, sauces, dressings, etc. Nothing too exciting, but it's going pretty well.

I may have a couple of catering opportunities coming up as well. Nothing concrete, but we'll see what happens.

I'll check in again soon!


Blogger Sara Quinn said...

I knew about your new job from Amy but congratulations and best of luck with it and also with your fitness routine! Amy can help you train for that half-marathon. She participated in one this year and did great!

Would love to see you. Kisses to Big A and Ewan.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

Ok seriously.. you are going to HAVE to blog more than this. A month between blogs is unacceptable behaviahhh. SURELY you have stuff to talk about. Not all of us are fancy pants Chef trainers ya know :)

1:29 PM  

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