Monday, February 20, 2006


Since the ending of Friends, there has not been a specific show on television that I have made an effort to watch. However, this year I have become addicted to the show Related on the WB. I am drawn in to the lives of the Sorelli sisters and hate when the episode ends. I'm not sure what has me hooked. I guess I'm a silly, hopelessly romantic, family girl who enjoys the sisterhood of Ginnie, Anne, Marjee, and Rose. Maybe its that I'm so far from my sisters and girlfriends...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Sunday Evening Blues...

Sunday evenings aren't usually fun. The laundry, getting clothes ready for the Monday morning meetings, getting my son to bed at a decent hour and getting his stuff set out for the next morning at day care. Also, thinking about getting up to go off to work and surviving another week.

I have been thinking more and more about cranberry Relish this weekend. I have had many ideas for my website design, my menu, my services offerings,etc. However, it is a little depressing in that I have no idea when it will come to be. We currently have no plans to move North of the border and no Green Card in site, so I wait.

When I started university, no one was diving into the "Culinary Arts" that I knew of. I did was I thought I was supposed to do. I went to school and got an Engineering Degree.

Now days (am I started to sound old or what) shows on the Food Network, Hell's Kitchen, etc. have made being a Chef (or something related) a respected position. Has it become too trendy? I am concerned that my venture into "Chef-dom" and catering is coming at the wrong time. I would hope that those who know me would say that it has been in me all along. My love of cooking, entertaining, and hosting is a part of me that brings me joy. It is my fun! I have been recently volunteering at a recreational cooking school. I help with the prep, serving, dishes, and whatever else is required. Even elbow deep in the piles of dishes, I feel comfort and actually enjoy being there. I dare to say I feel like I belong.

It's a bit scary to think of making the transition into a new career, a new lifestyle of off-hours, and un-ventured territory, but I sit here with a smirk on my face as I imagine the future of cranberry Relish. :)

P.S. I finally finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anothony Bourdain tonight. It is a great read (and I don't read many books) although somewhat colorful. Even non-foodies would enjoy it I think.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Watch what you say...

Friends came over for dinner last night and our charming three year old brought two dump trucks full of mulch/dirt into the house. I told him he wasn't allowed to have it in the house and Daddy told him to dump them in mommy's flower bed. A few minutes later he returned (as we chatted) with an empty dump truck. My friend and I looked at each other... We all went into our bedroom to discover he had dumped the mulch next to mommy's "flowered" bed...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Unproductive Day Off

I took the day off unpaid today to organize my house before my inlaws hit next week. It sounded like a great idea, with visions of Pottery Barn or World Market inspired rooms in my head. Well the day is half gone and it basically looks like I've just moved junk around. However you are able to open the guest room door without pending doom (and hence my podiatrist appointment this afternoon after opening the door a month ago). It is a beautiful sunny day and I have the 80's music playing and the windows open. I feel more like hitting the park with the dogs or having a relaxing lunch with a girlfriend, but back to work I go (as Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" plays in the background! :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Tab

Tab energy sucks! Enough said...

The Dirt Bike Saga

My husband recently purchased a dirt bike and now is looking into purchasing one for me. While I think it could be a lot of fun, I am not sure I want to spend the money on it and am secretly wary of his motives. My husband is an easy-going guy with genuine desire for happiness for his family. But being female, and somewhat (okay, very much) a pessimist, I feel like he wants me to get one just so he can hit the track more often guilt-free. Also, I feel like we have too many under used toys in our home (rowing machine, road bicycle, mountain bikes) and dogs that should be getting more use/attention, before we add any other distractions from the mix. That being said, I still haven't discounted the idea, and will probably end up getting one! ;)

Monday, February 13, 2006

Here we go...

I figure everyone else is blogging and I'm feeling a little left out. So I will begin my rants (and raves) of all things Heidi. Now that I'm actually doing this, I feel less than inspired and a little self-concious in knowing that my band of talented inlaws (and hubbie) will be disecting my frivioulous writings and improper grammer.

Yet, here I go down the road that (hopefully) leads to cranberry Relish...