Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad Day

What the h-e-double hockeysticks! I got on the scale this morning and it said I was up 5 lbs. After the many comments I received yesterday on my weight/inches lost, I hope it just means I'm retaining water. Surely I couldn't have gained 5 lb overnight!

I have a weigh-in next week with my trainer. Guess I better cut back on the calories a little more this week!

Talk about depressed! This is the making of a bad day.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Well hubby and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary today (we have been together for 12-1/2 years). He had to work this evening (and all weekend), so he took a couple of hours off to take the kiddo and me to dinner. We went to a (usual) favorite, NXNW. They sat us in the worst table in the entire restaurant, next to the door to the patio and beside the server stand. I had a nice glass of Shiraz, a small Field Greens salad (my favorite), and a Rosemary Rubbed pork loin. The salad was awesome as usual. However, I should have stuck to a pizza as usual, because I didn't enjoy my meal at all. I barely ate any of it. The pork, which itself was okay, was served with some mixed veggies (cooked horribly) and some garlic mashers. Just didn't cut it tonight. We took a look at the dessert menu but nothing caught our eye (probably a first for me).

So on the way home, we stopped at Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. Hubby had some banana ice cream in a waffle cone, kiddo had some french vanilla with exactly two mini marshmallows on top, and I ordered the "Sinless" fresh cream ice cream made with Splenda. Strike two for the night. It was so nasty with a major after taste. I took two bites and left the rest.

It was a good attempt, and it was a lovely outing, bad food aside. Also we ran into a friend that is leaving the country on Tuesday. Good bye Peter. We'll miss you!

So now hubby is back to work and I'm going to tidy up, take a bath, and hit to bed. Swimming lessons in the morning...

Good night!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Progress, sort of...

Well I'm slowly starting to see some progress from my working out. I have only lost maybe 5 lb since I started eating better and working out, but I have taken 2" off my waist. Unfortunately the rest of me hasn't changed much. I'm so used to doing the quick weight lost tactics (especially the fasting diet), that is hard and a little depressing to do it the "right" way. In my case, it was always "Easy Go, Easy Come back". However, I'm sticking with the slow going so hopefully I can keep it off this time. My trainer said that I was actually very healthy and "aware of my body" compared to some women (and men) he works with. Just need to get rid of the junk in the trunk (and everywhere else).

Now, if I end up behind the beautiful, skinny chick with the fake "jugs" today at the gym, I'm going for chocolate (just kidding)...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bon Appetit!

Well I got a call around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. The cooking school needed some help with a class last night (had a cancellation). So off I went to help out with Paul's "French Home Cooking" class. It was a hands on class, so prep wasn't too bad. It was the most relaxed, non-frantic class I have worked so far.

Here's what we made: Sole au Vin Blanc; Chicken Fricassee, Streamlined Cassoulet, Pot Au Feu, Summer Fruit Pudding. The pudding was soooo yummy, as was the Chicken Fricassee. I haven't tried the Sole or Cassoulet yet (in my fridge at home).

As a bonus, I got to sit down with Paul before class and chat about some "academic" courses I was considering at a local cooking school. He was so helpful. I really appreciate his opinions/ideas.

Also, Vance and I decided to compile a "Paul Dictionary" or "Paul Word of the Day". He has quite a few words over the course of an evening worth noting, but we missed a couple of good ones last night. However, the ones we did note were "Phraseology" and "Yum-ola".

It was a good time. Thinking about actually taking a class next week. I have cards for free classes and never bother to use them.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Kashi Go Lean Hearty All Natural Instant Cereal = Yuck. I couldn't even swallaw the first bite.

Mid Week Blahs

Well yesterday wasn't a great day. I was feeling kind of down and it has carried over to today. I didn't go to the gym after work, I took the day off. I did try a new recipe for dinner last night with the help of my three year old. He says we are good "cookers" (I told him to say we are good "chefs") and he seemed quite pleased with himself. We made Sesame Noodles with Chicken out of my current issue of Cooking Light. It was pretty tasty. Nothing outrageously good, but a very good, quick weeknight dinner. It was served with a tomato, cucumber, cilantro salad that was tossed in Rice Vinegar and a little sesame oil. After dinner and dishes, I took Kona out for a walk. We walked around the track near our house a few times; saw a few eyes in the dark - hopefully just cats ;). I was going to take Lucy and go a bit longer, but somebody was awake looking for me. Got Ewan to bed, did some ironing, folded some laundry and hit the bed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No Fat Burning Machine!

Well I had my "MAP" testing done at 6am this morning at the gym. Basically all it involved on my part was walking on the treadmill for 12 minutes with a funky mask on my face and wearing my heart rate monitor. Turns out, I'm no fat burning machine (like I couldn't figure that out). What was surprising though, was how little stored fat I'm burning when I exercise. My trainer is coming up with Cardio to help me lose the most weight, but still increase my fat burning in other "zones". I'm burning almost 70% of my fat in Zone 1, but barely any in Zone 3. I rarely do cardio below Zone 3. Boring stuff I know, but hopefully it will help me get more out of my workouts!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Small Victories...

Well, I made it five out of five days to the gym this week! I really didn't want to go today, but I'm so glad I did. With swimming lessons on Saturday morning, I won't have to worry about getting any "planned" exercise in on Sunday.

Monday, I did weights with Bill (trainer) and did some cardio following that. Tuesday, I did a treadmill interval workout and some elliptical. Wednesday, I did weights again with Bill for a full session. Thursday, I did the recumbent bike, erg (rowing machine), treadmill (run/walk intervals). And today, I did the recumbent bike, and stair climber. So I have well exceeded my "5-Hour" exercise per week goal set by my trainer. Tomorrow morning is swimming lesson #2 so hopefully my legs won't be so sore, I drown.

To all the Danskin-ers competing this weekend in Austin, good luck! Especially, to my favorite triathlete, Robin, if you end up being able to go.

Also tomorrow is National Learn to Row Day. If you get the chance, hit a local club for a lesson.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Acqua D'Italia

I went to grab some lunch today at the "other" organic grocery store, and was going for some bottled water, and picked up some Flavored Sparkling Mineral water instead.

I think I may have a new favorite for summer. It has no calories and it so refreshing. It is called "Orange Lemon Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Mineral Water". It is a product of Italy. And I can't help to think it would be good with a little alcohol in it, but that would ruin the zero calorie thing and I am trying to be a good girl.

Also, I think I'll put my learn Italian CDs back in the car. How can you not like saying "Acqua Minerale Naturale D'Italia"? Ciao!

Nothing to Report

Okay, I'm blogging today with nothing really to say. I have no culinary adventures to share... And my scale appears to be broken (yeah, right). I am into week three with Bill my trainer. I have been eating better and exercising quite a bit, but no change in the scale yet. I was feeling better last week, like I was making progress, but after a trip to the gym yesterday I was at a low and decided I don't care about proper workout form, I think mirrors should be banned. Also, I started Intermediate swimming lessons on Saturday. I'm doing better, but still managed to swallow half the pool. The Danskin is this weekend. Maybe I'll be ready for next year...